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A coaching plan tailored to your goals and availability.

In-depth and detailed feedback.

Nutritional consultation and personalized planning.

24/7 personalized attention from a professional coach.

Advanced technology, we are certified partners of TrainingPeaks.

Optional complementary sessions in cycling, strength coaching, and stretching.

Superior results compared to other generic coaching programs.

Early detection of cardiovascular warning signs.

Acompañamiento 1 a 1 de un entrenador profesional

Seguimiento al estado de forma y fatiga

Plan de carreras para afrontar de manera eficiente cada reto

Test iniciales de fuerza y rendimiento

Stories from some of our athletes:

Juanita Gaviria

🇨🇴 Colombia – 24 años

⏳ 1 año entrenando con nosotros

«Logré trotar mi primera media maratón gracias a Threshold»

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Alejandro Mesa

🇨🇴 Colombia – 25 años

⏳ 2 años entrenando con nosotros

«Estoy muy feliz porque acabo de hacer mi primer Ironman 70.3»

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Andrés Rojas

🇪🇸 España – 44 años

⏳ 8 meses entrenando con nosotros

«He tenido en entrenamiento inteligente y de forma progresiva»

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More about us...

With over 10 years of experience in endurance athlete coaching, our methodological team consists of health professionals and expert coaches, leading numerous athletes to achieve their goals, including qualifying for Boston. This multidisciplinary approach underscores our commitment to excellence and personalized coaching outcomes.

We’re here to revolutionize running coaching. With our truly personalized and individualized guidance, we help prevent common injuries and optimize time usage. By leveraging science and knowledge, we enhance the performance of our amateur athletes who face unique and challenging environments.

Our team comprises 31 expert coaches skilled in metric interpretation and professional advice. Each coach handles a limited number of athletes, ensuring close monitoring and expert guidance round the clock.

Within our interdisciplinary team, we have physiotherapists, sports physicians, and nutritionists dedicated to preventing, assessing, analyzing, and planning your training comprehensively.

Our scientific approach and utilization of advanced technological tools have been endorsed by academic institutions such as the University CES. We aim to elevate your performance to the next level in a personalized, ethical, and sustainable manner.

We are your best choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you purchase one of our plans, we assign you a certified personal coach.

You’ll have access to an online platform where you can have one-on-one conversations, receive your weekly coaching plan, and submit your metrics after each run. Your coach analyzes and adjusts your plan in real-time based on your results.

No, we train everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Your coach tailors the plans to each individual’s current level and goals to ensure proper progression. The only requirement is a commitment to implementing the recommendations.

Part of our job is injury prevention. But if any unforeseen event occurs, we pause your plan until you fully recover. We don’t charge during that time. When you’re ready, we resume training with necessary modifications.

No, one of our great advantages is that you can contact your assigned coach via direct message 24 hours a day. Even during your travels or timezone changes. We’re committed to adapting to your lifestyle.

It’s not mandatory, but we recommend using a watch or band to monitor heart rate and GPS. This way, we can analyze each run in detail. Some popular devices are Garmin, Polar, or Fitbit. Most of them allow you to export data, which is ideal for us to visualize it in TrainingPeaks.