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Frequent questions

Apart from the desire, you only need a cycle computer or smart watch with a compatible heart rate band.
Yes, we can perfectly train with heart rate. For your knowledge we have a lot of experience training in this way since we have been training the Young Cyclists team for more than 10 years with this working method since not all of them have a power meter.
We assign you the coach that best suits your characteristics, this way we make sure that you can live the best threshold experience. We are interested in having someone attentive a to you at all times, to guide you, help you and advise you in the best way. Do not worry about the quality of the training, all coaches are just as good since they follow the threshold methodology. Behind this methodology there are many professionals making sure that it works perfectly. Remember that you are been coached by threshold a company of professionals all at your service, just for practicality reasons it is easier for communication to be channeled only through your coach.
Sure, we do! We like to talk and discuss with you how has been training or how long you have been practicing the sport. If possible, you will upload your training history to Training Peaks so we can review it and take this into consideration for structuring your training plan.
That’s right! It is necessary to do a test to find out your training zones based on power or heart rate and to be able to make a diagnosis of your physical form. If you have current medical tests that you want to share, you can send them to us as well.
Not a full nutrition plan as such, but we do give you many useful tips for eating during your training sessions and competitions. If you want a structured meal plan directed by a professional in the area, we have the perfect service for you. If you are a performance user, you receive a 10% discount on it.
No problem, in the performance plan that is 100% personalized so we can program weekdays sessions based on power and weekend days based on heart rate, also all our files are compatible with both parameters so you can interpret it in a very simple way depending on how you are training. Finally, you could also talk to your coach and ask him for the changes that are necessary as often as you want.
We can initially make video calls to get to know each other better. You can contact us daily through WhatsApp in order to be quick and practical or if you prefer phone calls, we can also do it, remember that we love to be adaptive for you.
You can talk to your coach at any time indefinitely so that you always solve all off your doubts.
Don’t worry, it’s very easy! Just You let your coach know what happened and if necessary, he makes the relevant changes so that we can continue to pursue those goals.
At threshold we love to support cycling and social sports, so we firmly believe in a varied training program that include these. Tell your coach which days you like to go out with your friends and reach an agreement so that it is a balance between training and enjoying cycling with friends.
Go to the services section and choose the one that best suits you. If you are not sure reach us through the WhatsApp button. We are waiting for you to help you!
For virtual services there is no problem, we have everything you need to carry out your process successfully, being 100% virtual. We do all the necessary monitoring through platforms and applications that we will explain to you once you start (these do not have an extra cost).
Yes! It is essential to strengthen that’s why it’s an integral part of our training programs. These sessions are designed to be done at home or home gyms and are accompanied by videos where we explain the correct execution of each of the exercises.