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[EN] Form post-purchase
Shirt size in cycling uniforms (*)
How did he find out about us? (*)
For how long have you practiced cycling? (*)
For how long have you practiced Running? (*)
Have you trained with a cycling coach before (*)
On a scale from 1-10 (1=first day on a bicycle, 10=profesional cyclist) where are you? (*)
What are your goals with the training plan? (*)
How long can you train for on Monday? (*)
How long can you train for on Tuesday? (*)
How long can you train for on Wednesday? (*)
How long can you train for on Thursday? (*)
How long can you train for on Friday? (*)
How long can you train for on Saturday? (*)
How long can you train for on Sunday? (*)
Which tools do you have in hand? choose all that apply (*)
Do you use sports supplements? Ex: proteins, moisturizers, gels and others? (*)
On Mondays we give feedback on the previous week. In this we tell you what is good and what can be improved, we talk about your performance and include graphs if necessary. In addition, on Fridays we do a check-up where we evaluate so far this week and discuss possible changes for the weekend. Knowing this, by what means do you want to be contacted? (*)
Fitness questionnaire for physical activity

If during your training process, the answer is Yes to one of these questions, be sure to notify your doctor
and coach.

Has a doctor ever diagnosed you with heart disease, recommending that you only do physical activity supervised by health personnel? (*)
Do you have chest pains from physical activity? (*)
Have you noticed chest pain in the last month? (*)
Do you tend to lose consciousness, or balance, as a result of dizziness? (*)
Are you aware, from your own experience, or on the advice of a doctor, of any other physical reason that prevents you from exercising without medical supervision? (*)
Do you have any bone or joint alteration that could be aggravated by the proposed physical activity? (*)
Are you aware, from your own experience, or on the advice of a doctor, of any other physical reason that prevents you from exercising without medical supervision? (*)
Under my sole responsibility, I state that I understand and accept that the sport training process entails risks inherent to the practice of physical activity and exercise, which can cause the appearance of musculoskeletal, skin or nerve injuries, as well as being a possible trigger for adverse reactions, associated with
the existence of a non-transmissible chronic disease, such as an acute myocardial stroke, even death. The coaches who Will carry out the training plan will take all kinds of measures to reduce these risks by quantifying and individualizing the training load, however, I know that the possibility of existence of physical
risks will not cease to exist. On the other hand, as a client, I promise to provide and constantly update all the relevant information about my state of health (medical examinations, medical consultations and treatments, history of pre-existing llnesses and injuries, among others considered pertinent). Likewise, I declare and
know that by acquiring the intended training/coaching plan, I assume full responsibility for my state of health and the changes that could be generated on it, as has been explained by the company from the moment of my connection to the service. In the same way, I extend my express and written declaration that I am in good health and do not have any pre-existing or pathological condition that issues me any restriction, and because of this, I assume the consequences that my refusal may cause in my health and in the efficiency and/or result of the routine
assigned to me.By virtue of the foregoing, I declare and exonerate THRESHOLD EXPERTS S.A.S., a simplified stock company, domiciled in the city of Medellín-Antioquia and identified with NIT No. 901.444.562-1 or any of its commercial establishments, from all liability. Related affiliates or subsidiaries that operate
under the THRESHOLD EXPERTS brand, its Health service area and those who lead, direct, collaborate
Informed consent (*)
I accept the consent of privacy policy, as well as the terms and conditions.
Intellectual Property Statement (all trainings are the exclusive property of threshold experts and should not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes)